Can I contact you by phone? How can I best reach you?

Yes, this is only possible to a limited extent, on days in the studio you can reach me by phone.
See my calendar (link follows)

I prefer the way of written communication:

or via messengers:
Whats App: +4917631356082
Telegramm: +4917631356082
Threema: PSFJCR8J

How can I contact you?

You have the option of using

Email :

Via SMS/Messenger: +491731356082 (Whats App/Telegramm/Threema is possible)

Via Phone: +491731356082 (this is only very limited)

Get in touch

I prefer the written way, preferably by email / message / SMS

I have a lot of experience in clarifying everything in advance

So I have enough time to prepare for our session and possibly give you a small task.

Your email / message should answer the following points:


  • Practices experienced so far
  • Fetish / preferences
  • unfulfilled fantasies / fantasies
  • your resilience
  • your age
  • Height Weight
  • Latex with you yes / no
  • Performance outfit Baroness (latex / leather / underwear /….)
  • health status


  • Taboos
  • 1-2 suggested dates
  • time frame of the session


Slave questionnaire: 

Alternatively, you can fill out the application form(Link)!


For my regular guests:

If you have already filled out the inclination sheet, a short email with suggested dates is sufficient

Can I book at short notice? Is a short-term booking possible?

Yes, this is possible, preferably via SMS / message: your message to me should contain the following points (answer in brief)


  • Practices experienced so far
  • Fetish / preferences
  • unfulfilled fantasies
  • your resilience
  • your age
  • Height Weight
  • Latex with you yes / no
  • Performance outfit Baroness (latex / leather / underwear /….)
  • health status


  • Taboos
  • 1-2 Suggested appointments
  • time frame of the session

Do I have to confirm the session?

A agreed session is binding in any case, an agreed session must be confirmed by 10am on the day of our appointment by email / phone or message / SMS

See also the section down payment.

Is there a preliminary talk in the studio? Is there a follow-up interview?

I would like to take the time to chat with you shortly before the session.

This is a way for both of us to talk about open questions, but I prefer to know in advance what is going to happen to me, i.e. what inclination profile you have and to prepare me beforehand.


After the session

I am happy to talk to you about what I have just experienced and look forward to your feedback

it can happen that what you just experienced has left you speechless and it would be a shame to talk the spell like that.

In this case, I would be delighted if you would send me your impressions by email after our meeting.

Why do I have to write a written application?

This is a good opportunity to get to know each other in advance and gives me the opportunity to prepare well for our time together.

Why do I have to make a deposit?

A deposit is required for escort bookings so that I do not waste my time on fake bookings.


But I also reserve the right to ask for a down payment for a session in the studio. Unfortunately it happens again and again that guests do not appear on agreed dates. Therefore, this is unfortunately unavoidable, since I am of course present in the studio and this has incurred costs. Of course, this does not apply to known and reliable guests.

Will you make me a special price if I can't afford it?

No, I don’t make special prices, but there are my specials, so it’s worth taking a look at my specials section

Can another name for duo session be added?

Yes, that is fundamentally not excluded, it depends on the location and location.

But always ask this early

What is the relationship with men like? Do you hate men?

No! I don’t hate men. But I love to shape them into my toys. I love the game and her dedication when her mind wanders between her legs. They also look so cute when they beg for mercy or redemption.


But seriously: I like you men, without you it would only be half the game! But women are also always welcome. Even the most stubborn slave becomes a purring kitten for me

Can I wish what the baroness should wear?

Those who have mastered the necessary manners and can formulate a polite question are welcome to express their wishes. Then I’m happy to slip into a hot outfit for you. I own latex, leather and fine lingerie. Or leave me the choice and surprise yourself.

A deposit is required for escort service?

Yes, a down payment is important as an appointment confirmation, the down payment has to be made in advance.

How can I make the down payment?

I will inform you in writing after we have clarified all questions and a date for our rendez-vous has been set

What happens if you cancel?

Withdrawal from the agreed date is possible within 72 hours.

In this case, the deposit will be credited to you and we can meet at a later date

How long do I have to book in advance?

The sooner the better, escort appointments can only be realized on the same day in the city in which I am currently. See my calendar: (Link to the calendar)

What are all the things you are doing?

This is all with a description below„Baronesspedia