Important information:

II look forward to getting in touch via: Telephone, Email (, SMS & WhatsApp. If you cannot reach me, please try to write it down, here I answer as soon as possible.

The following points should be considered in your request:
1. Your name
2. Your preferences / fantasies, experiences and experiences
3. Are you a beginner or advanced (if we already know each other please let me know)
4. Possible taboos
5. Your availability and existing time restrictions
6. In the latex session, the size and size of the shoes must not be missing
7. Health restrictions
8. For which city is the request (see calendar)
I prefer meetings that are agreed with sufficient lead time.
However, it is also possible to arrange sessions on the same day, please inquire by telephone.

Contact options

Deutschland Germany : +49 176 313 56082
Schweiz/Switzerland:     +41 76 316 07 57
Whats App available
Threema   : PSFJCR8J

Email :

Text me!


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