I’m the blonde bitch you’ve always longed for. Sometimes sadistic, sometimes arrogant, sometimes playful, sometimes unreachable, sometimes seductive – but always dominant. I make you who you really are!

Admit it unabashedly: you have fantasies that make your life special. Which fill your everyday life with a pleasant tingling sensation and transform certain situations into little adventures – in your head. With me you can really experience these adventures. Imaginative. Dirty. Surprised. Uninhibited. Merciless.

Wasn't there recently .. a meeting this head of department in a pencil skirt, who licked her lips lustfully when your eyes met? The doctor in the white coat with the nasty grin when you had to undress? The young woman in leather outfit who looked down on you so unapproachably? Short moments that transform your most secret dreams. And which thanks to me can become your personal heroic journey of lust.

Ich bin die verführerische..

..Latex Femme Fatale. The merciless leather dominatrix. The arrogant boss in a business outfit. The dirty lingerie model in high heels. The pushy doctor. The cunning kidnapper.

And above all, I am always myself! A crazy mix of vamp, brat, lady and dominatrix. I love my life. And I love my dominance. I like to laugh a lot. I keep getting involved in new things. And I respect everyone. Each of my guests is a new adventure for me. Our time is too precious to be wasted. Every moment has to be lived in such a way that it becomes unique.

Nothing less is my claim!

Baroness Davina Dust.


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